Dutch photography from the 18th century to the present day

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5 October 2014

Julia Luudens


Julia Luudens was one of the first ‘post-modern’ photographers at the end of last century that staged her photographs. As an autodidact, she played no role in the world of photography and worked completely intuitively. That may explain why her work is so different from other photography of the seventies.

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16 July 2014

Pep Jansen

1931 - 1969

Pep Jansen probably is the only dedicated party photographer in the history of Dutch photography. His intimate and complex images breathe the Amsterdam party atmosphere of the sixties.

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Retrospective De Bock installation shots

— 9 November 2013

Retrospective De Bock in Walden Affairs

—13 October 2013

On Friday October 25, my exhibition Great men will open in Walden Affairs. In one of the rooms work from the De Nooy Collection will be shown: a retrospective exhibition of the work of Théophile de Bock. Many of his photographs and paintings will be presented. It is the first comprehensive exhibition of De Bock in over a century.
26 March 2013

Ad Backx

1933 - 2011

The man who always photographed his wife from behind.

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Work from the De Nooy Collection on show in Extrapool

—20 February 2013
19 February 2013

Elbertus Donkerwolk

1810 - 1859

One of the most underrated figures in Dutch history may well be the hairdresser/photographer/entrepreneur Elbertus Donkerwolk. This charming figure excelled in many areas and he was one of the first known portrait photographers in the Netherlands: his earliest successful recordings date from 1842! The fact that his name is now forgotten may perhaps be due to the fact that he was above all a hairdresser.

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24 November 2012

Jos de Munk

1856 - 1923

The albumen prints shown here, I found on the street in a shoebox with old photos. They were put there to be taken away as trash. Through the owners of the pictures, I managed to trace their creator: Jos de Munk, tobacco seller from Rotterdam. These are most likely the only surviving photographs of this quiet man, who, in his spare time, appears to have been a passionate amateur naturalist and photographer.

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Recent acquisition - August 2012

—12 September 2012

Recent acquisition - April 2012

— 6 May 2012

Painting from the The Hague School-painter Théophile de Bock that I bought at marktplaats.nl for 375 euro. This painting appears to be a confirmation of my theory that he used photographs as visual examples for his work (see also Théophile de Bock on this website).
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