Dutch photography from the 18th century to the present day

26 November 2017

Els Kavelaar

1935 - 2004

Psychiatrist Els Kavelaar proved that photography could be used as a tool to make diagnoses. She had her clients pose in front of the camera and asked searching, personal questions. Using a motor drive, she made countless photos for psychiatric evaluation. Later she would use this photo archive as a source to make synthetic art works.

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Work from Henricus Engelen on show in the Van GoghHuis

—30 September 2017

Photographers from the Collection in the Dutch Photography Museum

—14 June 2017

Pep Jansen in the exhibition Spring Tide (By Willem van Zoetendaal)

Jos de Munk in the exhibition Spring Tide (By Willem van Zoetendaal)

Recent Acquisition

— 8 January 2017

Page from a new photo album in the collection reading: Taking photographs is also an art
21 November 2016

Ine Wiegers

1897 - 1965

Working in complete isolation, Ine Wiegers created an unusually original oeuvre in fashion photography. Her insights are as fresh today as they were 60 years ago.

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3 November 2016

Piet Treep

1870 - 1934

As an architecture painter he was a failure, but as a producer of postcards Piet Treep was one of the most important representatives of his time. Many of his cards can be seen as a combination of genres: group portraits and architecture.

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15 October 2015

Henricus Engelen

1783 - 1847

Van Gogh’s influence on modern culture is stronger than ever and it is hard to overestimate his reputation. Nevertheless, an in-depth investigation of a newly discovered manuscript suggests that his influence goes much further than has been imagined up until now.

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20 November 2014

Alex Heuvelkering


In the eighties, Alex Heuvelkering studied chemistry at the University of Leiden. He also completed various autonomous photo projects, none of which has been made public. The publication of the work of this autodidact may therefore be rightfully called a scoop.

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New monograph: Party Photographer

— 9 October 2014

5 October 2014

Julia Luudens


Julia Luudens was one of the first ‘post-modern’ photographers at the end of last century that staged her photographs. As an autodidact, she played no role in the world of photography and worked completely intuitively. That may explain why her work is so different from other photography of the seventies.

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