Jacques Oostvogels

1796 - 1849

I purchased this remarkable series of cyanotypes, made around 1845, from a distant relative of Jacques Oostvogels. Study of the photographs  and research into the life of their maker is in full swing.

Jacques Oostvogels was the first Dutchman to use the cyanotype process. As early as in 1844 he was able to produce reliable photos using this method. Also as an amateur instrument constructor, Oostvogels was far ahead of his day. He built an ingenious device, a combination of a high quality telescope with a camera obscura. Using this apparatus, he was able to take pictures of objects in the universe which would not be matched for thirty years to come. My research into Oostvogels is still in progress. On this website, I show his pictures without being sure of their context. More information will follow.

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